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Hello, I'm

Cody Isabel

I help survivors of abusive relationships restore balance to their nervous system post-breakup without reliance on therapy or medication.

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Our Mission

Help 1 billion people find happiness and purpose in their lives.

Progress: 644,459

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My Content

Angela Krouse

When trauma silenced me, Cody's 1on1 sessions gave me back my voice. His approach, rooted in neuroscience, unraveled my pain's complexities. Today, I tell my story of resilience and thank Cody for helping me find myself again.

Lucy Farkas

Post-abuse, I felt like a ship adrift. @mindbrainbodylab's Instagram helped anchor me. The actionable insights allowed me to bridge my past with a hopeful future, allowing me to find peace and reclaim my identity. Every day, I'm thankful.

Chris Puckett

In the aftermath of my breakup, I felt lost & alone. Discovering the Trauma to Transformation Community was like a light in the dark. I didn't have to start my healing journey alone. Now, I'm rediscovering the joy and strength I thought was lost forever. Immensely grateful.

Our Methodology

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Woman with White Shirt

I felt stuck in a cycle of pain and confusion until I began coaching sessions with Cody. Through his neuroscience-backed insights and techniques, he helped guide me out of the shadows. Every coaching session was a step towards reclaiming myself. Forever grateful.

Layla Anderson

**Due to the senstive and traumatic nature of the work that I do, the names & pictures of my clients have been altered to protect their privacy.**

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