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Mind, Brain, Body Lab utilizes Neuroscience & AI to work alongside traditional therapy to help those healing from the effects of burnout, emotional abuse, breakups, or quarter-life crisis.

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How We Differ


What People Are Saying

Beau Hodes
Blockchain Developer

Everyone tells you to set goals and follow through with a plan to reach them, but few actually provide the framework and consistent feedback to do so, as I’ve experienced in my Rewrite & Rise Program.


Our Offerings

All our programs are brain-based and designed to promote healing and move you from a limiting belief system to an empowering one, using behavioral activation, practical neuroscience, and mind-body connection.

The Me 2.0 Membership ($97/month)

A neuroscience & trauma-informed training club of like-minded individuals committed to healing and personal growth. Designed to take you to YOUR next level by giving you the tools, mentorship, & elevated support system you need.

The Me 2.0 Training Program (Most Popular)

A 6-month live Intensive Group Training Program with Cody designed to give you the tools, support system, & foundation you need to finally heal and regain momentum toward your purpose. Biometric & Brain-based approach.

Me 2.0 Private Coaching

A 6-12 month1-on-1, all-inclusive coaching program with Cody, focused on healing the mind-body connection & behavioral activation. It is Customized for your specific needs and healing timelines. Full access to all our methodologies, biotesting & more. 


Wanna experience a taste of what we do inside our programs?

Join the Upcoming Anxious to Action Challenge

Inside this 5 day challenge, you will get to experience exactly what it's like to be a client of ours! We will cover 5 tools to overcome the anxiety that we use with our actual clients inside our Me 2.0 Programs & Training. 


The challenge is ran out of a private group that Cody, our Founder, will be leading live. You will have the opportunity to ask him questions, get support from the other participants & learn how to go from Anxious to Action.

See you on the inside! 

Case Study

Brandon Miller
Sales Executive & Leader

Case Studies

Self Paced Learning

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About the Founder

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Cody Isabel

Founder & CEO

Cody started Rewrite & Rise with the mission to help others achieve happiness & purpose in their lives and...


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