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The Me 2.0 Membership


Welcome to the Me 2.0 Membership, a Trauma-Informed membership platform that offers Life Coaching, brain tools, resources for healing, and a compassionate community.

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When trauma silenced me, Cody gave me back my voice. His approach, rooted in neuroscience, unraveled my pain's complexities. Today, I tell my story of resilience and thank Cody for helping me find myself again.

Client Testimonials

Post-abuse, I felt like a ship adrift. The actionable insights allowed me to bridge my past with a hopeful future, allowing me to find peace and reclaim my identity. Every day, I'm thankful.

In the aftermath of my breakup, I felt lost & alone. Discovering this Community was like a light in the dark. I didn't have to start my healing journey alone. Now, I'm rediscovering the joy and strength I thought was lost forever. Immensely grateful.

What's Inside the Membership?

  • 1 Live Group Coaching Call per Month

  • Recordings of Weekly Group Coaching Calls from the Me 2.0 Group Experience Covering Topics like:

    • Establishing Healthy Habits & Routines

    • Breaking Trauma Bonds

    • Getting Better Sleep

    • Releasing Trauma from the Body

    • Rebuilding Self-Esteem & Confidence

    • Internal Family Systems Parts Work

    • Learning How to Date Again

    • And much more!

  • 75% Discount on 1on1 Sessions w/ Cody

  • Private Community

    • Daily Motivation, Support, and Encouragement

  • Access to Recorded Interviews w/ Scientists & Experts in: 

    • Trauma, Relationships, Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Health, Neuroscience, Abusive Relationships, and more

Looking for More Proof?

Based on our client data, participants in our programs have consistently exhibited significant positive shifts in their behavior and well-being.


The Neuroscience of Trauma

Neuroscience research has shown that after experiencing abusive relationships, our nervous system often adopts certain adaptive states to cope.


Over time, these states can become so ingrained that they are misperceived as facets of our personality rather than protective responses to unaddressed trauma.


Yet, these deeply ingrained neural responses might not reflect your genuine self. Imagine a shift back to your inherent state of being.


Who might you truly be? It's time to find out.

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Young Woman with Smart Outfit

Jordan T.

"The Me 2.0 Group Empowerment Experience is not just a program, it's a transformational journey. Having a tailored approach with an initial consultation to set personal goals was incredibly valuable. Cody's weekly group coaching sessions have been both insightful and healing. Grateful to be part of this amazing community."

Customer Photo

Casey L.

"The 'First 21 Days Bootcamp' was a revelation. Never did I imagine I could rebuild my self-esteem in such a short time. With each passing day, The Me 2.0 Group Empowerment Experience proved its worth. The payment plan made it accessible, and the added benefit of part of the fee going to charity was the cherry on top."

Senior Woman

Morgan H.

"I've attended numerous workshops and therapy sessions, but The Me 2.0 Group Empowerment Experience has been in a league of its own. With its neuroscience-backed toolkits and the incredible 'Know Thy SELF Program', I've gained insights and tools that I'll carry with me for life. A heartfelt thank you to the team behind this!"

Male Customer Photo

Riley K.

"I was hesitant at first given the pricing, but after experiencing the depth and breadth of what The Me 2.0 Group Empowerment Experience offers, I believe it's worth every penny. The private community has become my sanctuary, offering daily motivation and unwavering support. The 'Dating with Dignity Program' was the icing on the cake, helping me rediscover romance with confidence."

**Due to the sensitive and traumatic nature of our programs, the names and pictures of our clients have been altered.**

  • What is The Me 2.0 Membership program?
    The Me 2.0 Membership program is a comprehensive support and coaching platform designed to help individuals who have experienced abusive relationships rebuild their self-esteem, heal from trauma, and regain control of their lives.
  • How much does The Me 2.0 Membership cost?
    The membership is priced at $75 per month. Additionally, there is a Pay-What-You-Can Model for individuals who cannot afford the standard pricing.
  • What does the membership include?
    The membership includes a wide range of valuable resources and benefits, including live group coaching sessions, access to educational content, a private community, daily motivation and support, and more. It builds upon the Free Community and offers an extensive toolkit for personal growth and healing.
  • What topics are covered in the live group coaching sessions?
    The live group coaching sessions, led by Cody, cover various essential topics such as rebuilding self-esteem, enforcing no contact, breaking free from trauma bonds, dealing with hypervigilance, trauma release, confidence building, self-awareness, setting boundaries, and dating with dignity.
  • Is there any one-on-one coaching available?
    Yes, members of The Me 2.0 Membership program enjoy a 75% discount on 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Cody for more personalized support.
  • What type of experts will I have access to during the live workshops and Q&A sessions?
    We feature experts in fields such as Trauma, Relationships, Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Health, Neuroscience, and Abusive Relationships.
  • What other resources are available to members?
    Members have access to a wealth of recorded interviews with scientists and experts in various fields, including trauma, relationships, nutrition, exercise, mental health, neuroscience, and abusive relationships. These interviews offer valuable insights and information to aid in the healing process.
  • Do I retain access to the course materials after completion?
    Yes, participants get lifetime access to all workshops, guides, and courses covered during their program tenure.
  • Is there any additional benefit or discount for program participants?
    Members get discounted tickets to the annual Mind, Brain, Body Lab Retreat.
  • What distinguishes this program from traditional therapy or other recovery programs?
    Our program uniquely combines top-down (brain) and bottom-up (body) healing approaches, emphasizing science-backed methods and community support to address both the internal and external facets of healing.
  • Are there any prerequisites to join the program?
    While there are no strict prerequisites, participants should be committed to embracing the healing opportunities and integrating the practices into their daily lives.
  • What is the Private Community like?
    The Private Community provides a safe and supportive space for members to connect, share experiences, and receive additional guidance and encouragement from fellow members who have also experienced abusive relationships.
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